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Brainsfeed is a pioneer in crowdsourced innovation. We leverage the power of the crowd to help organizations of all sizes solve their critical business, scientific, and technical problems.



Through brainsfeed, companies challenge innovators to create tomorrow's world.

Brainsfeed is changing the way the world innovates by offering a proven, cost-effective approach to discover diverse ideas and solutions. 


A proven methodology of Challenge Driven to ensure the right questions are asked in a meaningful way

Cognitive Diversity

An exceptional network of smart minds ready to tackle your problems and needs

Collective Intelligence Platform

Our purpose-built platform to broadcast these questions to the crowd and facilitate the submission, the evaluation of ideas and solutions

Challenge Monitoring

Collaborate with the crowd at scale and leverage the wisdom of the crowd while keeping a high degree of efficiency.

Collaboration at Scale

Advanced Analytics & reporting

Receive a report of the results, refined by our artificial intelligence capabilities and produced by our analysts. 

Crystal clear reports

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